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Soundcask Vermouth liqueur

Pomegranate juice and wormwood


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Our Pomegranate and Wormwood Vermouth Liqueur differs significantly, as it does without wine in its composition, opting instead for 84% natural pomegranate juice. This singular choice highlights the unique identity of this vermouth, leading drink lovers to explore new dimensions of flavour, where pomegranate plays a leading role in every sip.

The composition of our vermouth is a meticulous art. The remaining 16% of its alcoholic content is obtained through the maceration of mountain wormwood and other finely selected ingredients. This maceration process contributes to the complexity and depth of flavour, creating a harmony between the bitterness of the absinthe and the natural sweetness of the pomegranate that defines the identity of Soundcask Liqueur de Vermouth.

The choice to use natural pomegranate juice not only defines the flavour profile of our vermouth, but also underlines our commitment to authenticity and quality. Each bottle is a unique expression of the region, capturing the vibrant essence of the “Acco” pomegranates from the “Lomas de Abulagar” estate. This meticulous approach to ingredient selection highlights the deep connection between pomegranate and vermouth at every stage of production.


50CL – 16% vol.

Pomegranate and absinthe Vermouth Liqueur – 833 bottles

Soundcask’s Vermouth Liqueur, with its exquisite fusion of the sublime sweetness of pomegranate juice and the bitter hint of mountain wormwood, represents an art that truly delights the senses. Each sip of this vermouth offers a unique experience, full of nuances that will captivate lovers of good drink.

The “Lomas de Abulagar” estate is the point of origin of this special liqueur. Surrounded by the fertile lands bathed by the Guadalquivir River and caressed by the Atlantic breeze, this estate is the epicentre of the harvesting of the “Acco” variety of pomegranate. These fruits, with their deep red berries and juicy content, become the vibrant core of our vermouth, bringing authenticity and a flavour that captures the very essence of the region.

Vermouth, which originated in the 19th century in Turin, Italy, has evolved over time. Initially created for medicinal purposes, the combination of herbs, spices and wine resulted in the drink we know today.

The tradition of vermouth now merges with the innovation of Soundcask, creating a unique experience that highlights the quality of the ingredients, such as pomegranate juice, in every drop of our Vermouth Liqueur.

The intensity and depth of colour in our Vermouth Liqueur comes exclusively from the rich hue of the “Acco” pomegranates. With no added sugars, our vermouth is presented in its purest state, highlighting the natural sweetness of the fruit and preserving its genuine essence.

The decision not to filter the spirit adds an extra layer of authenticity, although it is crucial to bear in mind that it can decant lees, tangible proof of its craftsmanship and unadulterated character.

With only 833 bottles available in this limited edition, each one individually numbered, Soundcask’s Vermouth Liqueur is a precious gem for connoisseurs and lovers of unique experiences.

Each bottle, crafted with dedication and care, guarantees an exclusivity that only a privileged few will be able to enjoy.

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The master distiller behind Soundcask suggests a musical pairing to elevate the sensory experience. He recommends accompanying the vermouth tasting with the captivating music of Sharon Van Etten, creating the perfect atmosphere to explore and savour every nuance of this liquid masterpiece.

The symphony of flavours and aromas, combined with the enveloping melody, offers a unique experience for the most demanding palates.

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